Eureka Classes                                                                    

National Expertise of "IN-HOUSE EXPERIMENT"

(A Unit of "The Service" a Charitable trust) ISO 9001:2008 Certified Institute

Eureka Vision


Eureka denotes/stands for excellence and efficiency in any field of science attained/achieved after prolonged dedication with full belief, confidence and determination; so :-

Eureka is the epitome of success in any field we undertake.

Eureka is the quintessence of distinguished honor and achievement on account of sincere efforts in a methodical, meticulous and planned manner.

Eureka is a journey undertaken under expert guidance and experienced leadership of veterans to unlock your own potential and hidden genius.

Eureka is the way of life inspired by committed work culture.

Eureka is not just a theoretical relative concept but a pragmatic and lively approach to world's reality.

Eureka is the process of building the pillars of success from the very base to the peak with discipline, dignity, love and respect.

Eureka Vision

Eureka has been established with special vision :

Your children are our children.

Train the delicate raw minds in to self-reliant individual. Redefining the way we think.

Revolutionizing the way of imparting education for maximum efficiency.

Bringing modern education in sync with ancient Indian tradition also called Guru–Shisya parampara.

Awakening the original spirit of inquiry and creativity.

Establishing the individuals in ethics to the core.

Making students realize the irrole and responsibility in the shaping of their career, society and nation.

Gradually implementing the concept of education as envisioned by our great sages and thinkers, who were masters of pedagogy.